Our British Values

We recognise the importance of preparing our children for life in modern Britain and within this the values advocated by the government:


  • Democracy

  • The rule of law

  • Individual liberty

  • Mutual respect

  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs


At Friars, we ensure our children leave our school as citizens ready to be part of modern Britain. There are focus weeks throughout the year where children have the opportunity to widen their knowledge and understanding of the world around them – The Royal Wedding, World Cup, Science Fair.

Behaviours of Learning


We aim to develop resilience, perseverance and independence in our children through promoting a growth mindset. We regularly discuss these values:


  • I work hard to get a good result

  • I keep going on a difficult task

  • I act on constructive criticism

  • I take responsibility for myself

  • I respect others in the school and wider community


These are intrinsic to the British Values.


Through our rich curriculum our pupils learn about our heritage from the earliest recorded people in Britain through to our more recent history and how we lived through World War 2. By studying the Ancient Greeks and other civilizations which have had an impact on the way we live now, our pupils learn about such concepts as democracy and how languages have developed. It is also important for our pupils to learn how other countries have had an impact on the Britain we live in today.

Visits and Visitors

  • Fire, police and road safety services all visit Friars across the year and provide our pupils with an awareness of law and respect beyond school

  • Health and hygiene workshops develop an understanding of how to be a healthy member of society

  • Historical and cultural visits and visitors broaden and deepen the understanding of our pupils of life in Britain

  • Residential visits enable pupils to develop respect for their environment, their peers and adults. They learn to adapt their behaviour to suit a variety of situations (eating in a restaurant, following instructions from a guide or the hotel manager etc)

 Equality and Diversity Champions


We are Equality and Diversity Champions and continue to embed the ideology behind this. We promote tolerance through our policies, which is reinforced through lessons, assemblies and wider opportunities. There is a child-friendly anti-bullying policy which outlines expectations and provides guidance on what to do if a child feels they are being bullied. Our focus on respect means we help the children
understand why, as growing citizens, we should demonstrate a regard for someone’s feelings, wishes or rights.



Pupils at Friars learn about where they live in the world. They discover how settlements and industry have evolved over the years and how and why the population has increased. They come to understand the problems that are associated with development and industrialisation and the need for renewable sources of energy. They learn about the practicalities of trading with other nations.
They have the opportunity to take part in focus weeks to extend their knowledge and understanding of the world, such as the World Cup Weeks at Friars organised by our geography and MFL leads.

What's in the News?

All classes watch news reports and discuss issues raised, such as cultural differences, human rights and freedom of speech. They also can see government initiatives and the law in action. They have a voice to give their viewpoint on what is taking place nationally and internationally.




Assemblies at Friars regularly set out to demonstrate our values in action. Our assemblies include:

  • Human rights and the rights of children

  • Differences and how we celebrate them

  • Respect

  • Working alongside others

  • Famous people who have overcome obstacles to achieve their goals

  • Appreciating those who help us

SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural)


  • Music and Dance – these workshops help to develop an understanding and appreciation of other culture

  • Charities – often decided upon by the children, these develop empathy and understand the benefits of doing something for others. This also helps pupils to develop an understanding of the difficulties people may face.

  • Focus Weeks – at Friars we regularly organise days and weeks which focus on other cultures, as well as exploring our own. Each class studied a modern day country during the World Cup.

  • Trust Links – our Year 5 pupils are actively involved with the community garden project close to our school. Groups of pupils attend the garden where the curriculum is enriched by the outside space; there are opportunities for social and emotional development and life skills are learnt. In the summer the Year 5 children teach the Reception children, using the skills they have learnt.


We have a healthy KS1 and KS2 choir and a school band. There are opportunities for them to perform in multi-cultural venues such as The Village Green and to the local old people’s home where they show respect and a friendly disposition to the elderly.


When there are special events at Friars we send out one of our Year 5 journalists to make notes and take photos. When they return to school they write up the event as a news report for our website. The children have an official media kit and this helps develop responsibility.

Prefects & Play leaders

These are chosen as exemplary role models to support the school in a variety of roles. Our play leaders help to guide play in both key stage playgrounds and sort out difficulties in a child-friendly way.

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Religious Education

At Friars we teach about how Christians worship and the importance of the Bible. Through our scheme of work our pupils are able to explore a variety of other religions such as Judaism, Hindu and Islam which make our country culturally diverse. This knowledge helps them to understand and have respect and tolerance for others who may have different beliefs. Many visitors from a wide variety of faiths are welcomed into the school to explain the way in which they express their faith. The children have the opportunity to visit different places of worship.



Through our PSHE scheme of work all pupils learn how to develop healthy relationships, recognise their own value and appreciate the value of others. They learn how to work together and how to keep themselves safe from harm. Through
the scheme of work they learn to challenge stereotypes and that ‘You cannot judge a book by its cover’.

The School Council


The school council is made up of two representatives from each class and is voted for democratically. The council representatives run the school shop and are actively involved in all charity events. They go out and seek the views of the rest of the school on which charity they would like to support and why. The council ensures that there is a pupil voice and that the views of the wider school are collected and shared.

   There are many other times that we ask our children for their ideas, such as for names for the house teams and surveys to ask how we can improve the learning experience at Friars.

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School Teams


We explored what it means to be quintessentially British and brought together some British icons, including castles, authors (Rowling and Shakespeare) and cakes (Bakewell and Eccles). The children chose castles for our teams and in their classrooms researched these castles and the British Isles. These teams are now an integral part of Friars school life.



​​ This is a very important part of life at Friars and all children are encouraged to take up extra-curricular sport. From Key Stage 1 there are opportunities for competitive sport and with this comes the need to demonstrate respect for their peers and the adults who are leading. This also helps the children develop a healthy lifestyle. We aim for all children to take up an extra-curricular activity as this engenders self-discipline, team work and commitment.
At Friars, we take part in a variety of disability sports and we help support sports in special schools when possible to encourage understanding and empathy, with an appreciation of the different skills people may have.

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Throughout the year we celebrate our children. Included in this are our Buddy Leaves where children show friendship and help each other.
At the end of the year, we come together as a school community for a picnic and to embed our values through activities such as artwork or dance workshops.