Good attendance and punctuality are something we promote at Friars Primary School, instilling a lifelong habit and ensuring that children grow up with the correct attitude in their future lives, both at school and in their work.  We monitor our children's attendance closely. Our attendance officer will contact you if we feel there is a problem and support you in rectifying this.


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Holidays in term time


Any absence from school can be very disruptive to a child’s education, and they may miss out on work which they find impossible to catch up on.  

A two week holiday in term time every year your child is in Junior School is equivalent to your child missing 8 weeks of schooling - an entire half term and more!

If you still wish to take your child out of school during term time please complete a 'leave of absence' form and return it to the school office at least one month before the dates requested. Only under exceptional circumstances will the leave be authorised by Mrs Woolf and this is completely at her discretion.

You may be issued with a penalty notice if your child misses too much school. Please see the 'Penalty Notices to Address Poor Attendance at School - Advice to Parents and Carers' information leaflet for more details.

Additional Information

Parents/Carers must complete a leave of absence form at least one month before any leave is required. Supporting evidence must be attached to this form, identifying the exceptional nature of the leave.

Schools are now required to inform the Child and Family Early Intervention Team Leader about parents/carers taking unauthorised leave of absence, who may decide whether to issue a penalty notice. 



Penalty notices can be issued if:

There have been 10 sessions (5 consecutive days) or more of unauthorised absence due to leave taken during the academic year.


Attendance is below 90% during the preceding 12 weeks before leave was taken.


The leave was taken during the month of September.


The leave was taken during a test week.