The Curriculum


  • To provide a solid foundation of knowledge in the different subject areas as children move through the school (with underlying skills)

  • To provide a solid foundation of knowledge in the different subject areas as children move on to secondary education (with underlying skills)

  • To provide progressive skills in PE, art, DT and music with opportunities for excellence (joining sporting teams, choir, band, DT/art exhibitions) 

  • To connect subjects across the curriculum to achieve more depth of understanding 

  • To ensure a challenge for all and high expectations

  • To provide opportunities for SMSC, British values and equality and diversity



  • Children are engaged in their learning because it is brought to life through making connections and through focus weeks

  • There is appropriate pitch and challenge for all learners

  • High quality work is produced within lessons 

  • We have strong sports teams, choir, band and club attendance

  • There is clear progression of knowledge and skills across the school

  • High quality corridor displays demonstrate the connected curriculum and celebrate the breadth and balance of the curriculum 

  • All children develop themselves as citizens of the future with a sound moral code, good social skills and a positive understanding of community

  • Year 6 children have an excellent foundation of skills and knowledge for secondary education

Laid out on the right is our approach to the curriculum by year groups and below is a breakdown of our subjects. 

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.15.41.png

We are currently in the process of updating some of our school curriculum. Where a link is not working, new information will follow very soon.

If you have any further questions about the curriculum please feel free to contact the school office and somebody will be more than happy to help.