Design & Technology


 Throughout EYFS we design and make our own models from junk modelling, playdoh and large construction materials. Opportunities and resources are provided for children to design and make products within their play situations.

Year 1 


In year 1 the pupils explore combing a range of materials by making a section for a patchwork quilt. They develop skills in skewering and chopping by making fruit kebabs and fruit salads. In addition to this, pupils in year 1 design and make a paper mache product follow a given specification. 

Year 4


Year 4 develop their cooking skills through growing their own potatoes and producing a range of products using their own produce. They enhance their ability within food analysis through completing star profiles. They developed a design for a Greek style building that was supported by columns. Here are some examples of their ancient Greek temples.

Year 2


In year 2 the pupils develop their skills in peeling, grating and chopping by producing their own Greek salads. They develop their designing and making skills by using silk clay to produce a model. Children are evaluative of their work and begin to identify where how they can adapt their product.  The skills the pupils gained in Year 1 for paper mache are further developed by producing a moving vehicle using junk modelling and paper mache, taking into account the use of paper mache to add detail. 

Year 3


Through exploring the Vikings, year 3 design and produce Viking long ships. They work in groups, gathering ideas for their design and discussing ways in which their Viking long ship will be best produced.

Year 5


In year 5, pupils are granted the opportunity to develop their cooking skills through attending an after school cooking club. Pupils attending Thriftwood also participate in producing pizza and meatballs as part of their dinner. In addition to this, year 5 pupils developed their skills using clay to produce Tudor Goblets.

Year 6


Year 6’s designing skills are extended through the careful design and production of a cross stich pattern. They also develop their cooking skills through producing a range of products which require heat sources in order to cook.

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