Equality & Diversity

At Friars we take equality and diversity seriously and we are proud to have a caring and fair ethos within the school. This is our story… 

At Friars we have a caring, co-operative whole school ethos which aims to develop positive behaviour where both staff and pupils respect and value individual differences and diversity. We actively promote values of respect and equality and work to ensure that difference and diversity is celebrated across the whole school community. We want our school to be a place where every person has the right to be themselves; to be included and to learn in a safe and happy environment. 

Back in 2015-2016, we spent time working with parents, staff and children to embed a new syllabus of Relationships and Sex Education to enhance the PHSE curriculum. This new curriculum took steps to enable pupils to have a better understanding of safe, positive relationships, diversity within our family units and increase the empathy, tolerance, understanding and equality for all within the school environment and beyond. It is very pleasing that in 2021 we will be introducing the new statutory health and relationships curriculum.

Staff are committed to promoting an ethos of equality and diversity for all. There is a strong awareness of the need for regular e-safety training for staff, parents and pupils. We aim to eliminate hurtful or bullying behaviour of any kind and we promote inclusivity through our collaboration with outside services.  

We know from listening to our children, that pupils feel that unacceptable behaviour is dealt with well by our staff. The children learn about positive relationships across our school curriculum and every year we celebrate Anti-bullying Week which further supports pupils in knowing how to report, challenge and identify different types of bullying.

Positive Playgrounds


Our School Council gave us the idea of having a system of Year 6 playground leaders, on our KS1 and 2 playgrounds. These playground leaders provide further support for pupils during social activities and feed back to playground staff daily and our senior leadership team on a regular basis.  

Playground leaders receive regular training and play a key role in making our playgrounds positive places to be!

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Special Days Calendar

Across the school year, pupils have opportunities to be involved in a variety of special days to promote British values and celebrate the diverse cultures within our community. These have included Black History Month, Diwali Week, Remembrance Week, Jeans for Genes Day, Children in Need, Chinese New Year, E-safety Day and Anti-bullying Week. In the past we have ran specific competitions linked to Equality and Diversity. One such example is when an art competition had the children designing themed pictures.


We enjoy welcoming people to our school. The NSPCC and various local religious figures are just some of the regular visitors we see each year. The NSPCC assemblies reminded everyone about how they could keep themselves safe. The visitors told the children about Childline, but also the importance of having a network of adults to speak to.



Our KS1 children enjoy learning about equality and diversity through age appropriate stories. Stories are shared during assemblies and PSHE lessons to provide stimulus for our discussions. 

The children enjoy hearing about different religious beliefs and the different religions that are represented in our school.

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  What next?


  • We will look to build on the successes of our parent workshops for both CEOP and equality and diversity in the coming year. It is likely that these will be virtual.

  • Further equailty and diversity training for staff,.

  • Implement the new statutory health and relationships curriculum.

  • Further revise our anti-bullying policy to reflect any changes relating to the school reopening.

  • Facilitate anti-bullying work from this year's School Council. One idea is for an anti-bullying video for the school website.

  • Survey parents and carers later in the year using the same questions as used by ParentView.