Thriftwood Thursday 23rd June 2016

Day 2 Following their very early start this morning, the children had an energy-boosting breakfast of cereal and toast. After that, they spent their time moving their belongings indoors in anticipation of more rain! Afterwards, we sorted the children into their new dorm rooms for the following night’s stay. They unpacked and made themselves at home for the night, before coming back to their groups to get ready for the activities ahead. We had a few high climbers today, but many others conquered their own fears to reach their own personal bests on the climbing wall! Fear conqueror of the day goes to Max, who stopped a short way up the wall, but then after some encouragement pushed himself to

Thriftwood Wednesday 22nd June 2016

After a tense wait, 39 very excited children boarded the coach. Despite the rain, a group of brave parents came to give us a send-off and at 10:30am we were off! After an uneventful journey, we arrived. Despite the fact we told the coach driver the children should be walking down, he took pity on them and dropped them off at the camp site. After unloading all their gear, they settled down to enjoy a picnic lunch – it wasn’t raining! Once lunch was eaten, they all went off for a site orientation with many returning very muddy after finding all the puddles on the way. Then they set off to start their various afternoon activities. Talia and Crystal showed their skills as archers and Ellie-Mai

Alan Gibbons Writing Day

We were very lucky to be visited by the award winning author Alan Gibbons who worked with a number of our children to help them improve their creative writing.

SEESMA Music Festival

Following our success at the Young Voices in January, the Friars’ choir began rehearsing for the SEESMA music festival along with our fabulous school band. On Friday 17th June, I was proud to take 31 children from across KS2 to the Cliffs Pavilion to perform in the SEESMA music festival. After four months of practising hard after school, to learn a total of 15 songs and actions, the choir were ready to perform. Likewise, our merry band of 15 players played Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Rescue Aid Society beautifully. They also accompanied the main choir in Edelweis! Only three of these children have private music tuition and their performance demonstrated how dedicated they have been in or

Colchester Zoo

On Wednesday 15th June 2016 we went to Colchester Zoo. We went there for a school trip to learn about animals. Everybody in Year 2 and teachers went. We travelled there on a bright lemon double decker bus. First, we went to see the sloth. He hung on a skinny rope and had really sharp claws so he can grip on things. It was Rajang the orang-utan’s birthday, he was 48 years old. At the sea lion show they did tricks and loved to eat fish. Next we saw the baboons, an angry male was in charge. When we sent to see the lions one of them came up to the window and licked his lips. Before we had lunch we went to see the sun bears. One of them was fast asleep on a log. Lucy was taller than a sun bear. A

Colchester Zoo

On Wednesday the 15th June 2016 we went to Colchester Zoo because we have been learning all about animals. Everybody in Year 2 went, we drove there in a yellow double decker bus. First, we looked at a cheeky monkey swinging and a sloth hanging on a straight rope that wasn’t wobbly. At the sea lion show, the sea lion did lots of tricks and the trainer opened the sea lion’s mouth to show us its teeth. Next we saw some lions but the male lion was coming near the window licking his lips! Luckily he turned around and went back behind the rock! We saw a sun bear fast asleep and it never moved. At lunch time some crazy Canada geese were coming to eat our lunch like bread, plastic, wood and more! La

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