Cyber bullying play

Last week, the children in Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to watch an excellent drama production about cyber bullying. The short presentation was about a young man who chose to do ballet outside of school as a hobby. He was relentlessly bullied by his peers through social media. Through friendship and parental support, the young man was able to overcome the peer pressure he was being put through. As we continue with our ‘Equality and Diversity’ school project, it was good for the children to hear the message that all children should be accepted regardless of their choice of hobby or clothing; this can also be applied to different races, religions and those people with disabilities.

KS2 Celebration Assembly

Well done to everybody who received certificates this week. Once again there was a range of reasons given by some very proud teachers. It was great to hear that children have been reading so much. This really is the most important thing that they can do to help them in every subject. Congratulations, once again, to 5G for winning the Attendance Cup and to Stirling for winning the House Cup.

KS1 Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to the children who were awarded achievement leaves this week. In particular, praise must go to Tyler in Year 1 who created his very own video giving instructions about how to make a chatterbox toy.

Goodbye Mrs Vine

It was both happy and sad in assembly today as we had to goodbye to Mrs Vine for a while. She is off to have her second baby and all of the staff and children at Friars wish her well and hope that her family enjoy the next few months with their new arrival.

Fire drill superstars

We wanted to draw attention to four fabulously helpful and caring children who were superb during our fire drill in the middle of Thursday lunchtime. At the time the alarm went off, these children were eating their lunch in the KS1 hall along with some of the youngest children of Friars. They did not panic. They were not flustered. Instead, they all stood up and took it upon themselves to help the younger children to stay calm and to walk out in an orderly fashion. Mr Boatwright saw them spring into action and was beaming with pride. You were all a credit to your school. Well done.

KS2 Celebration Assembly

Well done to everyone who received a certificate today. As usual there were a whole host of reasons behind the certificates but all pointed towards your commitment and hard work in class and attitude to learning. Well done. Congratulations to Caernarfon for winning the House Cup this week. They go into an early lead for the term. Keep up the good work. Finally, well done to 5G for retaining the Attendance Cup this week.

Children's choice menu

Congratulations to all of the children who won in our children’s choice menu raffle. There were lots of prizes won ranging from book vouchers for the book fair to Kids Kingdom and Adventure Island tickets. We hope that enjoy your prizes.

Young Voices - O2

On Monday 16th January the choir met in the music room to get ready to go to the O2. We were all very excited and just wanted to go without a delay. Once we had all got on our young voices t-shirts, we headed to the office ready to get on the coach and set off to the O2. With our lunch and dinner in hand, we all went outside to get onto our nice comfy coach. Soon we were on our way. Mrs Lincoln knew it would be a long 2 hour journey so she brought polos for the polo challenge. The challenge went on for about half an hour. In the end Sophie Harvey won! Soon we saw the O2 and so we got very excited. Josie, Sophie, Ruby and Tegan all then started to sing random songs in the back of the coach. W

Basketball tournament

On Wednesday the 11th January, the Year 5 & 6 teams had a basketball tournament. We warmed up first before we started to play every school. First we played Thorpe Hall and the score was 4-0 to us! Secondly we played Bournemouth Park and it was 6-0 to them but in basketball every goal scored is counted as 2 points so they were really tricky to beat and only scored 3. The next school we played were Greenways and we drew 2-2 .They were hard to play but we were all pleased that we drew. Finally we played Chalkwell. The score was 0-0 but we did not mind although. It was good because Chalkwell had beaten everyone else. This meant we did not make the Super 8 stages and even though we played well w

Bhangra dancing

“Change one light bulb”…, “change two light bulbs….” do not sound like your everyday dance moves or even a dance move at all, however Year 3 have learnt all about Bollywood Bhangra and these are just two of the many moves they enjoyed following. All of Year 3, staff included, learnt a simple Bhangra dance routine accompanied by some very loud drumming. “It needs to be loud to enable you to keep in time and hear when to change move,” was the answer after one of the children posed this question to Indi Sandhu at the end of a very energetic session. Never have so many smiling faces and jiggling shoulders been seen in a dance class at Friars before. It was an amazing sight, made even more specia

Show Racism the Red Card

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Children in year 4 and 5 both found this to be true today when they worked with a charity committed to removing racism from our communities - Show Racism the Red Card. The children had a fabulous day taking part in lively activities about what racism is, the right words to use to not offend people and feelings associated with this issue. They worked in teams during a fun fitness session to explore how we all need each other and that difference can be interesting and helpful. Following watching a DVD about this issue, the children shared their thoughts and feelings in such a mature and thoughtful way that the trainers from the charity said, “It has been a plea

KS2 Celebration assembly

Due to it being a two day week, we did not have attendance, house points of leaves to hand out. However, I was very pleased to help Mr Telling and Mr Reeve to hand out a large number of sports certificates to people who have represented the school so superbly so far this year. It was also a pleasure to hand out a pen licence. A lot of work goes into earning them so it is always nice to see. Well done to everybody.

Christmas Sing-a-long

We had a fantastic end to the term with the annual Christmas sing-a-long. Each year group had specific songs to sing and they did so with gusto. Thank you to Mrs Lincoln for organising. It certainly sent us off on our holidays in good fashion.

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