KS2 Celebration Assembly

Well done to all of our certificate winners. It was great to see so many people being nominated for friendship leaves. Congratulations to 6D, 6B and 3GS for ALL achieving 100% and sharing the Attendance Cup this week. That must be a first! Well done to Stirling for winning the House cup. This half term is a close one. Stormont have 3, Windsor have 2 and Stirling have 1.

Year 3 assembly

The children in Year 3 produced a wonderful assembly around the Romans. During the assembly, we saw the children act as Roman emperors in a Blind date scene. Those emperors were rather terrible people! We heard some of the diary entries from the children written from the perspective of Roman soldiers. Children shared some of their Roman food artwork as we watched a Roman banquet occur. We also visited a roman villa where Georgious Clarkious took us on a tour. Finished off with a Roman song, the children performed brilliantly. Well done Year 3!

KS2 Celebration Assembly

Well done to our certificate winners last week. Congratulations to Stormont and Windsor for continuing their good start to the summer term and jointly winning the House Cup. 3GS won the Attendance Cup last week with 100%. Great work!

Year 5 Walk IT training

Year 5 were recently visited by 2 members of Southend Council’s Road Safety Team. The children were told about all aspects of crossing the road safely and what to look out for (the dangers) when being out and about on our pavements. As part of this session we took a walk along Constable Way and into Turner Close, looking out for hazards such as low kerbs, driveways and reversing cars. Also, the children took part in an interactive road safety quiz and were successfully able to answer questions and make comments about what they had seen and learnt. This will obviously stand them in good stead as and when they start travelling to and from school independently.

Year 3 Fire and Rescue visit

Year 3 were visited by a member of Essex Fire and Rescue. During this learning experience, pupils learnt how to identify dangers within the house and ways to eliminate these. The pupils were told about the importance of Get out, Stay out and Get the fire brigade should they ever come across a fire. The children had an uplifting time learning many important rules.

KS1 Celebration Assembly

Achievement and Buddy Certificates Congratulations to the children who were awarded our achievement and buddy certificates in assembly! Class 2R won a leaf as a whole class for their hard work this week. Key word Certificates We gave out lots of certificates for learning key words this week. Keep up the good work! Rainbow Reader Awards We gave out lots more Rainbow Reader Awards in assembly today including some bronze, silver and gold awards. Thank you so much for your support at home. Keep reading!!! We also gave out special computing certificates awarded by Mr Sheehan for super typing skills and sports certificates were awarded by Mr Reeve to the children representing the school at s

KS2 Celebration Assembly

Well done to this week's certificate winners. 6D won the Attendance Cup for the third week in a row and Stormont won the House Cup for the second week in a row.

Year 4 Thorndon Country Park

Year 4 had an amazing time on their school trip to Thorndon Country Park on Friday 27th April for their local history project linked to World War II. Upon arrival they were greeted by two friendly rangers who marched them to the visitor’s centre to put their belongings away before making their way into the woods. After an important safety talk, the children were taken to their first activities. The day saw the children collecting grenades (pine cones) for use later in the day, building shelters in the woods to disguise and protect them from the elements and enemy eyes, building stretchers using the woodland logs and tarpaulin and lifting each other off the ground as they would have done to

Year 4 World War II Hook Day

In order to immerse the Year 4s into their new topic, they took part in a fun Hook Day on Friday 20th April. At the beginning of the day the children were introduced to their new topic. They began by looking at air raid shelters and watched old Pathe News reels to look at the advice that was given to people during the wartime. Little did they know what was ahead… During the lesson, an air raid siren rang out throughout the Year 4 classrooms! They were evacuated quickly to the KS2 hall for safety, where they listened to the aeroplanes and guns fire outside. They wrote some quotes about what they could see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Next they became little evacuees! With their own identity

KS2 Celebration Assembly

Well done to all of our certificate winners this week. We were a bit thin on the ground as Year 4 were on a trip to Thorndon Country Park, but it was great to hear about the levels of perseverance and independence in the children's work. 6D won the attendance Cup and Stormont won their first House Cup in a while!

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