KS1 Celebration assembly

Well done to all of our key word certificate winners. An extra big well done to Mckenzie who now knows all of his key words and has earned his penguin certificate. This week, achievement leaves were given out for a variety of great reasons including super concentration, perseverance and improvements in maths, reading and writing. Our buddy award winners this week included children who have been supportive to new class members, good friends, a whole class and even one of our staff. 2P were nominated as a whole class for being so polite at the discos this week, while Mr Smith was nominated for helping the children with their spellings. Well done to all of our winners. Well done to those chil

Portico spelling bee

After some intense battles and overcoming some of the toughest spellings known to children in their individual school finals, the day had finally come for the Portico Spelling Bee Grand Finals! This eagerly awaited event saw boys against girls, champions against champions, Hamstel, West Leigh, Porters and Friars all against each other but above all, it was a celebration of some great spelling across the Portico Academy. After several sudden death playoffs, some intense concentration, some very tricky spellings set by Mr Queenborough and some extremely high quality jokes from our comperes, Hamstel Juniors had emerged victorious in the Years, 3, 4 and 5 finals. All of the finals were incredibl

KS2 Celebration Assembly

Well done to all of our certificate winners this week. The House Cup was won by Stormont and the Attendance Cup was won by 4G.

Year 3 assembly

The children in year 3 worked so incredibly hard with their assembly! We started back in the Stone Age where the children sang 'We will rock you' caveman style! The programme 'This is your life' guided the audience through Queen Boudicca's achievements and a speech was read. Children showed some pictures of their art work centred around roman buildings. We then moved to 'Rome's got talent' where Antus and Decus introduced a range of acts onto stage sharing mosaics that had been made, an Iceni tribe chant and a gladiator fight scene. Lastly 'Take me Out' guided us through the different leaders of the time. Year 3 demonstrated some outstanding performance skills through their singing with 'We

Infant Music Festival

On Friday 22nd March thirty children from Year Two went to Freight house in Rochford to join with other schools for the Infant Music Festival. The theme this year was people and we sang songs about different people in our lives. There were three other schools there and each school took a turn to accompany all the children with percussion instruments and singing two solo school songs. There were songs called My Mum, The Firefighter, Family, I Get by With a Little Help From my Friends and The Music Man. Our solo songs were Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs and Hey Mr Miller! We were the last school to perform and naturally, our children were the best. The children thoroughly enj

East Region Skills Competition

Congratulations to one of our children on achieving silver at the East Region Skills Competition last weekend. He is just one of the many successful Friars athletes who has been part of the Southend Diving Talent Identification programme. This year we have 30 young athletes from year 2 and 3 who have been selected to take part in phase 2 testing at Southend Diving, let’s hope to see many more medals being awarded to Friars pupils.

Dance Festival

On Friday the 1st March 2019 Dance Crew went to an amazing Dance festival at Garons leisure centre. There were lots of others schools who took part and we all really enjoyed watching their routines. When it was our turn to perform we were all a little bit nervous but after the dance we all felt really proud of ourselves, even though Mrs Axelson forgot some but we remembered. It was a great event and all of us would love to go to something like it again. By Liana Mae and Lacey

Year 5 Dog Trust workshop

Today, we had a really informative visit from Maria and the Dog’s Trust. The children enjoyed hearing about how best to care for the dogs that some children already had. They also learnt how before taking on the responsibility of dog ownership, people must carry out research about the breed they wish to own and consider whether the dog would suit their lifestyle. The children had the opportunity to become Adoption Advisors and match certain families to the right dog, they also designed the perfect family for their chosen dog, considering their bobbies, work life and housing situation.

KS1 Celebration Assembly

Well done to all the children achieving Key Word certificates this week for learning their key words at home. Special congratulations to Layla and Kyle who know all of their key words and have achieved their penguin word certificate. Our achievement leaf winners were awarded leaves by their class teachers for a variety of fabulous reasons including responding to feedback, improving work, great science, super maths and brilliant sounding out to spell in their writing. We had a record number of Buddy Awards given out this week. Thank you to our buddy awards winners for being good friends to their peers. Congratulations to our rainbow readers this week. A special well done to Charlie and Tra

KS2 Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to our certificate winners this week and to 4T for achieving 100% attendance. Our House Cup winners were Caernarfon and Stirling. This week was the first time that our Power Penguin was awarded by the Eco Warriors to the class who best conserved energy by switching things off when nobody was present. The winner was 6D!

Easter Assembly

What a terrific assembly we shared with Rev. David Pierce, the Lead Minister from St. Marys in Shoebury on Thursday. He came in to discuss how some Christians celebrate Ash Wednesday. He began talking about Shrove Tuesday and why pancakes are shared. Ash Wednesday was detailed and the children were shown palm crosses and the oil and ash used in the service. David then invited some volunteers up to work out how many days there were left before Easter and explained the term ‘Lent’. We all really enjoyed singing ‘Give me oil in my lamp’ with David beautifully accompanying on his guitar. We look forward to sharing more time together.

Red Nose Day

On Friday, we combined our first spelling bee final with a special Comic relief twist. The four finalists, Harvey, Joyin, Isabella and Patrycja, from Year 3, battled it out to decided who would be going forward to face the finalists from the other Portico Schools on 28th March. However, for each spelling they got correct, an unsuspecting member of staff got covered in some delightful concoctions created by Mrs Stephens, our school Kitchen Manager. After an intense battle, Joyin was pronounced the winner and she will now go forward to the Grand Portico final. A big thank you to Mr Queenborough, Mr Aggus, Ms Murphy and Mr Reeve for being great sports in aid of comic relief! The children rea

KS2 Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to our certificate winners. In addition to classroom achievements, we also congratulated the netball team for their recent performances and our competition winners from Book Week. Well done to Stirling for winning the House Cup and to 4G for winning the Attendance cup with 100%!

KS1 Celebration Assembly

Today we were also celebrating ‘Comic Relief’ as well as our usual achievements. We were also joined by Nursery and Reception classes to find out the winners of our Book week competitions. Congratulations to all of our book week prize winners. Details of the winning entries can be found on the Book week report. Well done to all of the children receiving keyword certificates today. A special mention goes to Riley who received his penguin words for learning all of his key words Buddy awards and achievement leaves were given for a variety of great reasons including helping others and setting a good example for our younger children. Lots of children also received rainbow reader awards for readin

Book Week

Last week was our Book week and we certainly took every opportunity to ‘share a story’ with somebody. We had lots of different events taking place throughout the week, our younger children enjoyed sharing stories with their buddy readers from key stage 2, while some classes even had a surprise visit from a different member of staff who arrived to share one of their favourite stories with them. Year 3 also took part in the BBC live lesson especially designed around World Book Day. There were lots of competitions taking place over the week. Key Stage 1 needed to design a Potato Book character. There were over 50 entries but after a lot of discussions. Here are our winners. Key stage 2 had two

KS1 Celebration assembly

Today we got to see everyone's amazing costumes for our World Book day celebrations. The children certainly enjoyed showing off their costumes! Well done to the children receiving their keyword certificates this week Achievements leaves were given to children for a variety of great reasons including enthusiasm for solving maths problems, creating stories and designing super book covers for our book week. It was great to see Buddy awards being nominated by their friends for being kind and helping others to sound out words when writing. Stirling won the team cup this week 2RS won the attendance for the second week running with a perfect 100%!

Dance Festival

On Friday the 1st March 2019 Dance Crew went to an amazing Dance festival at Garons leisure centre. There were lots of others schools who took part and we all really enjoyed watching their routines. When it was our turn to perform we were all a little bit nervous but after the dance we all felt really proud of ourselves, even though Mrs Axelson forgot some but we remembered. It was a great event and all of us would love to go to something like it again.

KS2 Celebration Assembly

Well done to our certificate winners this week and to Stormont for winning the House Cup. 4G won the Attendance Cup this week with 98.1%.

What can I do to be more independent?

At Friars, we feel it is important for the children to take responsibility for themselves. In assemblies this year, we have discussed staying safe, being honest and how to be responsible for our learning. This is the PowerPoint we shared with the children and they you may wish to discuss it with your child – they can tell you how they learn. You can view our powerpoint here

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