Anti-bullying Week

Children and staff showed their support for anti-bullying week by joining in with odd socks day. It was lovely to look at all the different socks the children were wearing. Children participated in assemblies with the theme, ‘Change starts with us,’ where they were encouraged to think about what they could do to make other children feel better if they were looking and feeling sad or lonely. Children were reminded of what to do and who to speak to if they need support. Mrs. Bailey’s husband kindly made us a large photo frame with the 2019 anti-bullying logo so that groups of friends could have their photos taken and reflect on what makes a good friend.

Year 6 Cat Protection Workshop

On 12th and 13th November, we were pleased to welcome volunteers from Cats Protection (the UK’s largest feline welfare charity) to the school. Pupils from Reception right through to Year 6 had workshops about cats and their welfare. Many of the children learnt about the 5 welfare needs for cats and these can be remembered by PURRS: place to live; understanding behaviour, right diet, right health care and space. The children were encouraged to think about and discuss how we can look after their needs and the tools we might need to help us do that e.g. toys, scratching post and vets etc. Some of the children also learnt the basics of neutering and microchipping and their importance. The volunt

Celebration Assembly

KS1 Well done to all of the children earning an achievement leaf this week for impressing their teachers or being a good ‘buddy’. There were lots of great reasons including amazing poetry, super maths, being a great friend to everyone and settling into their new classrooms brilliantly. There were also a great number of children achieving a Rainbow Reader sticker for reading at home – Congratulations to these children and don’t forget that it’s never too late to earn an award. One of our children, when asked what they needed to do to earn a Rainbow reader sticker, kept it very simple by saying that you just need to “read, read and read some more.” Perfectly explained! There was an amazing occ

Year 6 London Bus Theatre Company Visit

Yesterday, the London Bus Theatre Company visited Year 6 to talk to them about alcohol and smoking, how this relates to them now and what scenarios they may be faced with in the future. To begin with, the children completed some drama activities to boost their confidence and encourage them to work with each other. Topics touched on were how much alcohol is a sensible amount to consume, how their peers may influence them with their choices and their behaviour, how alcohol impairs your judgments and your actions and how they have to be 18 before you can buy alcohol. The children were advised to not get into a car if the driver has been drinking or smoking prohibited materials. If they h

Celebration Assembly

Well done to the children receiving achievement certificates in our recent celebration assemblies. There were a host of fantastic reasons including perseverance on a task, super teamwork, great attitude to learning and working hard to get impressive results. Here are our Key Stage 1 winners And our Key Stage 2 winners Congratulations to Alfie who received his penguin certificate for learning all of his keywords There were also certificates awarded to those Key Stage 1 children that took part in the space chase summer reading challenge – Well done! And finally huge congratulations to Samuel Hedges who got to swim at the National Aquatic Centre recently and achieved a silver medal in the 100 m

Year 6 Bikeability

At the beginning of October, Year 6 children took part in a level 2 Bikeability course. After learning about some of the basics (within the school grounds) the children who were able to, took their bikes out on the road. The children learnt how to check their bikes and safety helmets before setting off on a bike ride and they also learnt different manoeuvres to keep them safe whilst riding on the roads. Every pupil had lots of fun, whilst learning a range of different road skills. Some of the children have also benefitted from improved confidence to get out and about on their bikes. All of the year 6 pupils, who took part, found this a valuable and enjoyable experience and if they didn’t alr

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