Portico Academy Trust Governance is run though the Trust Board. The 15 trustees are as follows;

Bob Hellen

Cheryl Woolf

Graham Lane

Frances Gretton

Alan Murkin

Kate Baynes

Sue Hay

Heather Oram

Karen Packer

Ros Sanders

Claire Smith

Ron Wright

Nicole Ramsey

Michelle Batt

Tammy McCarthy



Vice Chair & Chair of Finance

To learn more about the Portico Academy Trust trustees please click on the link below where you will be able to read a short biography of each person:


Portico Trustees - Biographies


If you wish to further discuss any issues regarding your child’s school, having been through the Headteacher/Principal first,  please contact Chair of Trustees, Mr Bob Hellen or CEO, Mrs Cheryl Woolf at Portico House, 59, Ronald Hill Grove, Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 2JB