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Bhangra dancing

“Change one light bulb”…, “change two light bulbs….” do not sound like your everyday dance moves or even a dance move at all, however Year 3 have learnt all about Bollywood Bhangra and these are just two of the many moves they enjoyed following. All of Year 3, staff included, learnt a simple Bhangra dance routine accompanied by some very loud drumming. “It needs to be loud to enable you to keep in time and hear when to change move,” was the answer after one of the children posed this question to Indi Sandhu at the end of a very energetic session. Never have so many smiling faces and jiggling shoulders been seen in a dance class at Friars before. It was an amazing sight, made even more special when some of the children were chosen to wear some authentic costumes. A dance off between children and staff concluded the session and of course the winners were……..Mrs Lynch and Mrs Brady!!!

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