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Portico spelling bee

After some intense battles and overcoming some of the toughest spellings known to children in their individual school finals, the day had finally come for the Portico Spelling Bee Grand Finals!

This eagerly awaited event saw boys against girls, champions against champions, Hamstel, West Leigh, Porters and Friars all against each other but above all, it was a celebration of some great spelling across the Portico Academy.

After several sudden death playoffs, some intense concentration, some very tricky spellings set by Mr Queenborough and some extremely high quality jokes from our comperes, Hamstel Juniors had emerged victorious in the Years, 3, 4 and 5 finals. All of the finals were incredibly close but congratulations to Kasey, Ella and Dinoshan on becoming our Portico champions.

With only the opposing schools standing between a clean sweep for Hamstel, the year 6’s battled it out, until Olly from West Leigh was finally crowned champion.

A special mention must go to our audience today that included all of the runners up from their respective schools. Every child did themselves and their schools proud, whether competing or cheering on their friends!

Well done to all of our finalists for getting this far and congratulations again to our four champions.

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