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Cyber Safety

On the afternoon of Thursday 27th February, Steve, from Essex Police came to visit Year 6 to give them a presentation about ‘Cyber Safety;’ using the internet carefully, how to avoid problems and issues caused by cyber bullying and what they should and should not be playing, posting or looking at on the internet.

Steve reminded Year 6 that it is a criminal offence to bully anyone for their looks or life choices via the internet and that the age that someone can be prosecuted for this, is ten years old.

He shared stories with them of the work he has been involved with at secondary schools in Basildon and the harm cyber bullying has caused. He discussed strategies of how to deal with cyber bullying; tell someone immediately.

Steven reminded the children about the age that you have to be to use certain apps, for example, no-one is meant to have a ‘Whats App’ account until they are 16. He also reminded them about not giving out ANY personal details on-line or through telephone calls.

It was an excellent presentation and we were grateful that he could spare the time to come and work with us.

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