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Celebration Assembly – 11th March 2022

It was a week where all of our pupils had to demonstrate hard work, effort and how much they had already learnt this year, as many of our children completed their termly assessments. It was great to hear about the children that had really impressed their teachers with their perseverance, attitude and progress they had made. It was also our first educational visit of the year, as Year 3 visited Colchester Castle. We celebrated their brilliant behaviour and enthusiams towards the trip…Well done Year 3.

Congratulations to our KS1 winners below…

…..and our KS2 winners shown here.

It was lovely to hear how certain children had been nominated for a buddy award by their classmates for being kind, caring or helpful. Congratulations to our two buddies shown below.

Huge congratulations also go to Lathan for earning his platinum Rainbow Reader Award for consistent and extensive reading at home. A superb achievement!

We also awarded another pen licence this week. Well done to Eva in 3ML for showing consistently great handwriting across all of her work.

This week our Sports class of the week was actually a year group, as both classes in Year 3 were recognised for their collaborative working, flexibility and attitude towards their lesson. The individual Sports Superstar was Corey in 5VW for a brilliant performance in team sport.

Shout Outs!

This week our assembly ‘shout outs’ went to: Amie (1B), Mrs Snow, Lathan (2B), Mrs Bailey, The Whole of 4S, Corey (5VW), Harry, Brodie and Jenna (6G)


This week 1B recorded 96.9% to win the KS1 cup, while 5BW recorded a best in school, 97.3% to win in KS2.

Team Points

It was a win for Stirling, our blue team in KS1 this week, while in KS2, red was the colour as Windsor took the KS2 cup.

In the race for the ‘Friars Cup, Caernarfon are still out in front but have had their lead cut to just 20 points. Stirling and Windsor have also drawn level on points and Stormont also made ground this week, making it a very tight race indeed.

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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