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Celebration Assembly – 14th October 2022

Another great week at Friars where we saw a huge number of pen licences awarded and recognition of our ‘Team Friars’ Sports children.

Key Stage 1

This week, Year 1 children were recognised for their brilliant writing in phonics lessons, super dance work to create shapes with their bodies and outstanding use of the ‘bar method’ to solve maths problems.

Year 2 children had worked equally hard to impress their teachers, with their improvements in handwriting, all round focus, readiness to learn and great collaboration to work successfully with others being rewarded.

Well done KS1.

Buddy awards

This week our Buddy awards were well very deserved, as the children were recognised and nominated by their class mates for being kind to others and for their all-round helpfulness to other children and grown-ups in their classes. Thank you Buddies!

Rainbow Readers

We gave out a large amount of key word certificates this week to those children who have successfully earnt these awards by learning their words in school or at home. However, it was our six Rainbow Readers who took the ‘reading centre stage’ this week as we gave out ‘Red’ Rainbow Reading stickers to the children below, who have all been reading a great deal at home. Well done to you all.

Key Stage 2

This week our KS2 certificates were given for a whole host of great reasons including; great behaviour, super newspaper report writing, for doing extra research at home, for an amazing non-chronological report, for coming up with brilliant scientific questions, for thoughtful editing and proof reading in English, for improved handwriting and for gaining confidence in maths.

Great job KS2!

Computer Class of the Week

This week, Mrs Pinckney acknowledged Class 5A for their amazing computing work as they won the Computer Class of the week award. Leo and Lottie looked justifiably proud to earn the award on behalf of their class.

Pen Licences

Well done to Daisy and Oliver (4D) and Leilu, Harry, Evie, Gracie, Ebonie, Corey, Millie, Bella, Henley and Joshua (all from 6G) for earning their pen licences this week. A great effort and a real display of the effort being put into handwriting and presentation by the children at the moment.

Sports Superstars

This week our Sports Superstars were our Girls Football Team and our Bowling Team. Well done to both sets of children who displayed our Friars values to show good sportsmanship, effort, perseverance and determination to succeed.

A great job Team Friars!

Assembly Shout-Outs

Assembly shout outs went to Louis, Sophie and Nabil in Class 4S for earning back their pens this week by displaying great, consistent handwriting.


Yet again our attendance was hit by seasonal bugs and viruses quite heavily this week but it didn’t stop Class 2B from taking the KS1 Attendance Cup with 94% and Class 6B, the KS2 Attendance Cup with attendance at 97%.

Team Points

Stormont were runaway winners in KS1 this week, while in KS2 it was a close battle that saw Stirling and Windsor share the KS2 Team Cup.

Stirling became the first team to reach the 200 point mark this year as they held on to the lead in the race for the Friars Cup. After, a very good week, Stormont have strengthened their grip on second place. It looks as if these two teams are going to be leading the way as we head into our first half term.

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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