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Celebration Assembly – 15th July 2022

This week our celebration assembly had a special French theme due to our French week across the school.

In KS1, our awards were given for such brilliant reasons as working hard to make their learning better, taking on extra homework, using perseverance and independence, pushing themselves to take extra challenges, fabulous DT skills, brilliant letter writing, learning French words and creating French inspired artwork in the style of the artist, Monet.

In KS2 it was an equally successful week, with awards seen for amazing maths work and perseverance, super art in the style of Henri Rousseau, great attitude to learning, fabulous French graffiti, amazing hacksaw skills in DT and increased confidence and enthusiasm across the curriculum.

There were also some whole class awards to 4B for their kindness and help shown towards two classmates that needed support and both 6D and 6G, recognised for their amazing efforts towards their end of year Leavers Assembly.

Buddy Awards

Our KS1 Buddy Awards were given to children showing kindness, helpfulness to others and for listening to each other. One award was for never leaving other classmates alone on the playground. All lovely and very good reasons for receiving an award.

Sporting Superstars

This week our Sporting Superstars were those that competed so competitively in our French Boules tournament at the start of the week. Congratulations to 6G who won the overall competition and 2B and 3MA who came second and third respectively.

Pen Licences

Huge Congratulations to Billy B, Billy N, Joshua, Brooke, Amelia, Reuben and Oscar for earning their pen licences this week, just in time for a new start in September.


The Attendance Cups this week were won by 2S in KS1 who recorded 97% and 4B in KS2 who reached an impressive 98.6%.

Our overall attendance stood at 93%

Team Points

Everyone was a winner this week as Stirling and Windsor shared the KS1 Team Cup and Caernarfon and Stormont shared the KS2 Team Cup.

It still leaves Caernarfon out in front, with just one week to go!

Who will left The Friars Cup next Thursday?

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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