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Celebration Assembly – 8th July 2022

With our Year 6 children at their residential weeks and one Year 4 class doing Bike ability, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get the remaining classes across the school together for a combined celebration assembly.

We heard how the teachers across Years 1 – 5 had awarded certificates for a great range of reasons.

In Year 1 - for brilliant thoughtful reflection on their time in Year 1, using great scientific vocabulary, amazing times table work and for being a constant role model for others learning.

Year 2 awards were for – super music work using reggae music, great use of vocabulary in writing, having an amazing love of learning, continuing to work hard throughout and for producing a great piece of English work, just this morning.

Our Year 3 children were recognised for writing brilliant, scary ‘Monster Plant’ stories and for making progress in reading or using exciting expression when reading aloud.

Over in Year 4, two awards were given for always being helpful and reliable in the classroom and for using our English work over the week to create extra work at home.

Year 5 gave certificates for brilliant work in story writing, whole class English and amazing effort and results in their DT project this week.

Mrs Pinckney also gave out some awards for computing brilliance and writing effort.

Buddy Awards

In KS1 Buddy Awards were given for being super helpful around the classroom, helping class mates to tie their shoe laces and also helping them to find a word to use on their writing. These children received multiple nominations from their classmates so thank you for being good role models to others.

Sporting Superstars

Our Sports Superstars this week were our KS1 Borough Sports Team who competed so well in the Borough Sports last week. Their sportsmanship, effort and hard work shone through. Well done Team Friars!

And speaking of Sporting Superstars…as mentioned last week, we had some of our pupils competing in a national cheer leading contest last weekend.

Here is their report…

Last Friday, Abigail, Sophie and Isabella drove 4 hours to Bournemouth to compete in the biggest UK cheerleading competition…The Nationals!

At 6.45am on Saturday, the girls entered the Bournemouth International Centre arena, with their team named ‘She-Ra’ to compete against 10 of the best teams in the country. With only one chance lasting just 2 minutes and 30 seconds to show the panel of judges what we have been working so hard for all season, it was so important to have everybody focused from the start.

At 8.15am they walked out onto the massive stage and waited nervously for the music to start and they gave it everything they had during their performance.

When it was time for the awards, they were placed in a brilliant 5th position, and hit ZERO which means, no mistakes were made.

Having competed against the best teams in the UK, some of whom are previous World Champions, getting 5th was a great achievement and it made the girls and their families justifiably proud.

Well done Abbi, Issy and Sophie we are all very proud of you at Friars as well!


After Year 2’s Attendance Cup dominance over the last few weeks it was great to see 1C take the cup back to Year 1 this week with an impressive 97.3%.

However, it was 5BW that recorded the best attendance figure in the school with 98.3% to win the KS2 Attendance Cup.

Our overall attendance bounced back to a more respectable 94%, closer to our 96% target.

Team Points

Stirling and Caernarfon won the KS1 and KS2 Weekly Team Cups respectively this week which means that not a great deal changes in our overall scores.

Stormont still trail in 4th place and Windsor and Stirling, who have been locked in battle all year, remain in 2nd and 3rd places, but with just two weeks to go, it is Caernarfon who are now looking the odds on favourites to be lifting the Friars Cup at the end of the year. Can anyone stop them?

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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