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Celebration Assembly 9th February 2023

What a great day of celebration today’s assembly was! Not only was it the half term and mid-way part of this academic year, but it was also our ‘Unforgettable’ dressing up day. Please excuse some of the weird and wonderful outfits the children are wearing in our photographs, the hall was a sea of colour and it was great to see the effort made by everybody as highlighted below!

This week we focused on the children that had really impressed their teachers during the last half term.

In Year 1, it was well done to Alexis (1BU) and Riley (1BR). Alexis for always listening attentively and working hard and Riley for consistently good behaviour and effort with his work.

Our Year 2 winners were Taylor (2B), who has shown overall outstanding improvement in all aspects of his learning and Nicky (2S) who is always ready to learn and gives 100% attention to complete all tasks well.

In 3JA our certificate winner was Mia who always works so hard, tries her best and engages in every lesson. While over in 3MV, it was Rosie that had impressed her teachers by quite simply being an absolute delight in class!

Our Year 4 winners were recognised, firstly for their overall hard work and positive attitude to all learning and secondly for always being polite, cheerful, hardworking, enthusiastic, well behaved and respectful. Well done to Chazo (4S) and Eva (4D) respectively.

In Year 5, certificates were won by Alicia (5BW) for having an excellent attitude towards all of her learning and for always striving to do her best and Kaydee (5A) for always being kind and considerate to everybody in the school.

Our Year 6 winners were McKenzie (6B) and Ethan (6G). Mckenzie impressed his teachers by demonstrating his analytical and deep thinking when posed with difficult questions or situations. On the other hand, Ethan impressed with his constant enthusiasm for learning and consistent kindness to peers and adults alike.

Computing class of the half term

This week Mrs Pinckney was given the difficult job of choosing the class that had best applied their learning and positive attitude to their computing lessons this half term. With so much great programming work happening across the school, it was very tough to choose just one class but in the end Class 2B, were awarded the trophy for their consistent enthusiasm in all lessons, being ready to learn and for always achieving the lesson objective and more!

Benji collected the award on behalf of his class.

An added extra!

Not only do we celebrate brilliance in school but we like to also recognise outstanding effort outside of school as well.

This week we had the pleasure of seeing Ellie’s hard work as she brought in this fabulous knitted blanket that she had created herself from scratch. Ellie, from Year 6, explained that her mum taught her how to knit and she has just gone on from there…she is already starting her second blanket as we speak.

What an amazing achievement – well done Ellie!


This week it was Class 2S that took the KS1 attendance cup with a very respectable 95% attendance. However, it was Class 3JA that took the KS2 attendance cup for the second week running, as they recorded just under 99%.

At the half way stage of the year, we also recognised the two classes with the best attendance in both KS1 and KS2. Well done to Class 2S for earning this accolade in KS1 and Class 6B for KS2.

Orla and Esther collected the award for 2S, while Alyssa and a very heavily disguised, Liam had the honour for 6B.

This week it was Caernarfon who did the double by winning the Team Cup in both KS1 and KS2.

At the half way stage of the year, we also took the chance to bring out The Friars Cup to show the children what the winning team will be lifting at the end of the summer term.

We think a few of them had forgotten just how big a trophy it really is!

So at the half way point of the year…Its still Stirling leading the way as they approach 600 points, followed by Stormont and Caernarfon who have both now past the 500 points mark with Windsor in fourth place.

But…as we explained to the children today, there are still lots more points to be gained in the second half of the year to establish which team will be lifting The Friars Cup in July.


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