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Girls Football Tournament

Including: Layla Z, Layla C, Poppy, Lottie, Bella-Rose, Gracie, Brooke, Alicia & Kalessie

We started off at school and were called in to put our football shirts and jackets on. It was good that they were comfortable. An hour later we left the school and walked to the school minibus. Thankfully, everybody was happy with who they were sitting next to. We drove for about fifteen minutes and we arrived. When we got there, we found ourselves amidst a mighty football pitch. Actually there were four football pitches…

We went to one of the goals and put all of our belongings inside it. After a minute, we chose a partner and started training with them. Some people had a group of three. The training was so much fun.

In no time we were playing our first match. Some people didn’t start because they were substitutes. This meant that if somebody was hurt or had been on for too much time they would take the person off and put one of the backup people on instead.

Straight after the first match we had a two-minute break, then we were back on. After that, we had twenty minutes to eat our lunch. Most of us didn’t eat much because we were on the pitch after that too. That was our first three matches played! Next we had to go over to the end of the field and see if our team was in the top twelve. Luckily we were! If your team was in the top twelve that would mean you would have more matches and maybe win the tournament.

We had to move our belongings to the other end of the field while dodging matches going on. After that, we had another break but for thirty minutes this time. The break was good and we were practicing penalty kicks. After a few rounds of people being the goalie we would swap over. After a period of time the playing was over.

Next was our fourth match. We had to wear pink bibs for the first time because the other team was wearing purple too. The next match was all about tackling… most people followed the rules. After this match it was all over.

Sadly, it was time to go. We walked back happily and left the pitch. We were happy to have taken part but some were sad to go home. Most people went back to school but a few went straight home.

The tournament was so much fun and everybody enjoyed it! It was a great day! Thank you for letting us go!

Written by Layla Z!


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