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Portico Art and Design Festival

For the last three weeks of the summer term, our Portico Art and Design Festival travelled between our Portico schools, Friars Primary School, Hamstel Infant School, Hamstel Junior School, Porters Grange Primary School and West Leigh Junior School. Each school carefully displayed its work on stands, which were then transported by minibus between the different locations. Although this is not the first time the event has taken place, it had been recently suspended because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic. This year we felt the quality of the displays was of a particularly high standard with year groups from all of our schools showcasing the journey towards creating a high quality finished product. Children from all our schools visited the exhibition and were able to learn from the practice of their peers in other schools.

This time we would like to say a special thank you to Darlinghurst Primary, who joined our festival and further enriched it with their own ideas and good practice!


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