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Science Week

Science Week began on Monday 27th March with an assembly introducing this year’s theme to the children. Mrs Snow talked about how gravity is a force which pulls things towards the ground. This was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton. She also explained how an object will remain still until a force is applied to it (Newton’s First Law) and also that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law). This was demonstrated when Mrs Snow released an inflated balloon – much to the delight of the Year 1 children!

During the course of the week, the children have explored ways of making an object travel ‘upwards’ defying gravity! They have made straw rockets, balloon rockets, aeroplanes and hot air balloons, as well as exploring parachutes and air resistance. Lots of fun, excitement and giggles have been heard around the school as balloon rockets have zoomed along corridors and rocket flights have been measured to find the longest flights possible. Alongside all of this fun, the children have also been ‘working scientifically’ in order to ask questions posed by the class.

Year 3 and 4 thoroughly enjoyed creating balloon rockets and investigating how to make them travel further using different strings.

Year 6 explored hot air balloons, whilst in Year 5 they investigated parachutes.

Our Science Week culminated with the result of our whole school competition.

Which class could make a piece of A4 paper travel the furthest using one action?

Year 2 created paper aeroplanes using their pieces of paper and propelled them with elastic bands.

Year 1 chose to scrunch the paper up into a ball and hit it with a badminton racket- which was very effective!

The winning KS1/EYFS distance of 12m 42cm was achieved by 1BR.

In KS2 the winning distance was 21.34 metres achieved by 6G.

Reception enjoyed trying out their paper planes.

What great fun we have had this week! Thank you to all of the teachers and LSAs for planning such a fantastic Science Week for our children in 2023!


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