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Southend Week

What a busy day we had today!

After a short mini bus ride, we arrived at Southend Pier, ready to walk the mile and a quarter to the end. Some of the children felt a little nervous about doing this, but they all felt a sense of achievement at reaching the end having stopped to wave at the train and spot crabs and cod fish on the way.

At the end of the pier we visited the RNLI lifeboat station and got a fascinating insight into the brilliant work that they do to save people’s lives at sea. Our guides Tony and Richard gave us lots of information about the equipment worn and the boats themselves.

Did you know that…

  • Southend Lifeboats were involved in the Dunkirk rescues during the war?

  • That Southend is the busiest coastal lifeboat station in the country?

  • That Southend’s biggest lifeboat, the Atlantic – can hold up to 40 people?

  • That you can register to train as part of the lifeboat team from as young as 17 years old?

After lunch, the children got the chance to spend some of their spending money at the end of the pier before we queued up for the train for the return journey. The queue was full of candy floss, ice creams, chips and rock!

After the short but very welcome, ride back to shore, we then played adventure golf before returning back to school.

A day full of fun and some very tired children who are looking forward to Adventure Island tomorrow.

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