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Colchester Zoo

On Wednesday 15th June 2016 we went to Colchester Zoo. We went there for a school trip to learn about animals. Everybody in Year 2 and teachers went. We travelled there on a bright lemon double decker bus.

First, we went to see the sloth. He hung on a skinny rope and had really sharp claws so he can grip on things. It was Rajang the orang-utan’s birthday, he was 48 years old. At the sea lion show they did tricks and loved to eat fish.

Next we saw the baboons, an angry male was in charge. When we sent to see the lions one of them came up to the window and licked his lips. Before we had lunch we went to see the sun bears. One of them was fast asleep on a log. Lucy was taller than a sun bear.

At lunch time crazy geese wanted our food to give to their baby goslings. They kept pecking us and stealing our sandwiches. One of them nearly stole my food and Katerina’s too.

Later on we went on the road train. It stopped s we could see Madagascan lemurs. We went to see the tigers but unfortunately they were all fast asleep. Then we went to see hogs, they looked like pigs, wolves and vultures.

Finally, we saw chimpanzees, one of them was like a statue and one was asleep. When we got on the double decker bus lots of children fell asleep. When we got back to school everybody in Year 2 got a goody bag with a notepad in.

My favourite animal was the giraffe because when we fed it, it licked my hand. The best part of the day was seeing Rajang the orang-utan on his birthday.

My funniest part of the day was when we had lunch and the geese tried to steal my lunch and packed at me.

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