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Visits and Visitors

The curriculum can really be enriched and enhanced by carefully chosen school visits and visitors. Visits and visitors should really inspire and excite children and provide new, rich experiences to learn from. Subjects can be brought to life in ways that might not always be possible within school. 

Our visits and visitors are carefully mapped out within our Friars curriculum. We aim to make the most of our locality with many visits within the borough of Southend. These visits immerse children in their learning of local geography and history and develop their practical skills such as those relating to geography fieldwork.

For 2023-24 we will also be travelling further afield, with visits including:

Reception: Hyde Hall

Year 1: Wat Tyler Country Park

Year 2: Call of the Wild Zoo

Year 3: Colchester Castle

Year 4: The Imperial War Museum

Year 5: The Tower of London & Thriftwood Camping residential

Year 6: Isle of Wight residential or Southend Week

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