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Welcome to our Year 5 page

During the autumn term, Year 5 begin by taking a journey into Ancient Egypt to explore how people lived. This is followed by a topic called 'Space... The Final Frontier'! The children travel into the solar system and learn all about space exploration from the past through to the present.

In the spring, we think deeply about our own plant Earth and the impact of global warming and the challenges we face. We then head back in time to medieval Britain to discover The Black Death... a topic that everyone always enjoys... especially the gruesome bits!


Finally in the summer we study the Tudors and focus on their impact in the development of our local area. We look at Shakespeare, study the influence he had on the English language and use his writing as a stimulus.


Throughout the year, we follow cross-curricular approaches that allow our children to become deeply immersed in their learning. In addition to history, we cover a vast range of other subject areas from rivers and volcanoes in geography, to living things and reproduction in science.

Year 5, like other year groups, are kept busy outside of the classroom too! Each term, every child takes part in outdoor learning. For Year 5, this includes designing a camp menu and cooking it on an open camp fire!. 

Finally, Thriftwood Scout Camp hosts Year 5 for two nights of camping and three full days of activities including team building exercises and outdoor challenges. This really helps to develop confidence and social skills, ensuring the children are ready for Year 6!



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