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We believe it vital that our children are aspirational and understand some of the very many jobs and careers that exist in the world. This is explored strongly within our Friars curriculum and enhanced by the visits and especially the visitors that come into school.


We welcome a broad spectrum of visitors to our school each year, ranging from charity workers, leaders of religious faiths and members of the emergency services through to an employee of the Football Association (FA). We aim to break down barriers and stereotypes. The visitor from the FA was an excellent example of this as the majority of children expected the person to be male… and were very surprised when it was a lady.


In 2023-24, we will be hosting a Careers Week in the spring term with lots of visitors meeting the children to explain the work they do and answer questions. We hope this will include many of our parents and carers.


In 2022 we participated in the My Future, My Southend (MFMS) initiative. MFMS aimed to raise aspirations, challenge stereotypes, and broaden children’s horizons – therefore mirroring our school curriculum. MFMS saw the children take part in six half-termly online careers sessions throughout the academic year where they were introduced to different industry sectors, all relevant to our local community. They engaged with three guests per session who worked within a particular industry. 

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