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Welcome to our Year 1 Page

In Year 1, we build upon the learning experiences within Nursery and Reception.  We strive to give every child an education that not only teaches reading (including phonics), writing and maths, but also develops essential social skills, language, learning skills and attitudes for life.  Our children are happy, settled, confident, creative and eager to learn.  The best transitions are built on familiarity but also some careful change.

Children still have time to play and choose their own learning.  Adults interact with the children as they play to teach them new things and practise skills. Adults find out what children know, understand and can do by observing them in their play and activities. They are also able to learn outside in our large, well-resourced garden.

As the year progresses, our classroom environments, daily routines and timetable will evolve to ensure that the children leave Year 1 with the firm foundations required for future learning. Year 1’s key focus is moving on from the Early Years curriculum and meeting the requirements of the Year 1 curriculum - thereby being ready for Year 2.



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