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We strongly value the benefits of children attending extra-curricular clubs. At Friars, we are committed to enabling every child to attend at least one club per academic year as part of our wider curriculum offer. This enables everyone to pursue their interests and hone existing skills or develop new ones.


Typically our clubs are free of charge, although sometimes when specialist sports coaches are facilitating sessions there might be a small cost. 

Sports and arts clubs usually run after school but sometimes they might be before school or at lunchtime. Our timetable for the autumn is displayed below:

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 13.23.54.png

Please note that this summer there is both a karate club (Mondays) and tennis club (Wednesdays) after school, led by external companies. Should you be interested in one of these paid clubs, please contact the school office.

Breakfast Club


At Friars Primary School we run a brilliant FREE Breakfast Club partly thanks to the wonderful financial support we get from Greggs the bakers, There are always healthy breakfast choices available each day.


Breakfast Club begins at 8 am and finishes at 8.30 am. when the children head to their classrooms. The club is run by our own wonderful staff, who ensure that all of the children are well cared for and learn good manners and social skills.


A waiting list typically exists for Breakfast Club. If you are interested in securing a place for your child, please contact the school office.

Children at Breakfast Club
Extended School Club


Over the past three years we have offered our 'Extended School' provision with sessions available from 3-5:30 pm Monday to Friday.


Like Breakfast Club, this provision is led by our own staff and is very reasonably priced at £8 per per session.


If you are interested in this provision for the future, please speak with a member of the office staff.

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