Year 3 is an exciting year for the children as they begin their KS2 journey. During the autumn term, children learn about the stages of pre-history including The Stone Age, The Bronze age and finally The Iron Age. Much of the content covered is fed through our English topics, too. The children learn how to make Stone Age paint and write instructions for this. They also venture into the Stone Age and write their own stories! In design and technology, we investigate different bread types, looking at various types and comparing them. We have a bread tasting session and then make our own to take home.

In the spring term, the children learn all about volcanoes and earthquakes before moving on to the Romans! The children learn about Roman legends and stories, such as that of Romulus and Remus. They use these as stimuli to create their own legends. In Art, the children explore the technique of mosaic design using ICT resources and clay. ​

Finally, in the summer term, the children learn about the lives of the vicious Vikings. They design and make their own Viking long ships. Using clips from “How to Train Your Dragon”, the children produce exciting and thrilling stories, play scripts and poems. The year finishes with a detailed look at plant life. We explore their importance to the planet and how we need to protect rainforests.


Mrs E Jackson & Mrs Davison

3JD - Class Teachers


Mrs McEvoy & Mrs P Lynch

3ML - Class Teacher

Mrs K Hodgson & Mrs Z Nixon



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