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Welcome to our Year 4 page

Our year begins by studying 'Invaders'  and the exciting race of four contenders for the English throne; developing the children’s understanding of the events that resulted in The Battle of Hastings. We immerse ourselves in the worlds of the Anglo-Saxons and Normans for a very exciting start to Year 4. Usually this involves dressing up and role play!

The spring leads us back to the Ancient Greeks and we find out how they changed the way we think and govern ourselves. The children explore myths, create masks as part of our Greek Tragedy, construct a temple and look at how their influence can be seen today. Science is especially interesting, as the children create healthy eating experiments, make salt dough models of the digestive system and design healthy drinks to keep their teeth in perfect condition. We also explore the topic of mountains in the spring, putting our geography skills to excellent use.


Finally, the summer sees the children exploring WWII and a whole range of activities to help them re-live the experiences of young children in Shoeburyness during this life changing era. They explore what it was like for children to be evacuated, the demands of rationing, Churchill’s visit to the garrison and the brave cockle fishermen who went to Dunkirk. We will be joined by visitors who will share their experiences of this time. The year comes to an end with a look into the effects us humans have on our environment.



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