About Friars Primary School & Nursery

We are incredibly lucky at Friars Primary School and Nursery as we have lots of space! Within our grounds. we have age specific play areas, physical trails, an environmental garden and an outdoor stage. Our indoor space is equally impressive and our large classrooms provide a stimulating learning environment in which our children develop as effective learners. 


We love ensuring that all of our children have a bright future, are nurturing successful individuals who contribute to the community and the wider world. 

Our Aims:

  • To nurture happy and healthy children, who feel safe.

  • To provide a rich curriculum, which motivates, challenges and inspires all children to achieve their academic potential.

  • To create learners who are confident, resilient and independent, who persevere when faced with new challenges.

  • To meet the educational needs of all children. Every single one!

  • To engender within all children respect for different ideas, attitudes, values and feelings .