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School and Eco Councils

We truly value the positive impact our children have in the running of our successful school. To this end, we provide active opportunities for our pupils to be involved during their time at Friars. The leadership roles they hold, set them in good stead for school and later life.


Each class democratically elects representatives to sit on both the School Council and the Eco Council. These are positions of responsibility which require commitment and dedication. The children are required to participate in regular meetings, during which they discuss and have input into key decisions on the direction of the school. They then have the responsibility of feeding back details of the meetings to their classes to ensure that the entire school population are involved in the process. 


The School Council and Eco Council are always involved in big school decisions and we regularly look to the groups for ideas to make our school the best it can be. Over the past years, the School Council has really shaped what our school looks like, making many key decisions. We talk together about everything from the playground, the curriculum and learning to school meals. Every year, we even get to choose some of the school meal options. Yum!


School Council 2023-24

Harvey and Ralph 3B

Jonathan and Tommy 3KA

Alex and Emily 4D

Thea and Vinnie 4S

Chazo and Lyric 5A

Bradley and Eva 5BW

Olly and Tilly 6B

Gracie and Taylor 6L

Lunchtime Monitors

Lunchtime monitors are key to our successful lunchtimes. Monitors support staff in the lunch hall and support our younger children in the hall and when they leave to go to the playground. Our lunchtime monitors are excellent role models for all children and receive guidance and training from our staff Midday Assistants.



Principal for The Day

In the summer term this year, there will be an election to select a Year 6 child to be Principal for the day. Candidates will run off against each other by developing their manifesto and delivering speeches to the school. The successful candidate will then spend the day implementing the changes which they envisioned and carrying out the duties of the Principal. This includes interacting with parents, carers and trustees and supervising the school throughout the day.


Play Rangers

As an OPAL school we fully believe in the value of play. Essential to our OPAL provision are the school’s play rangers. In November 2023, our new group of play rangers all successfully applied to become part of the team. The process was thorough and everyone had an interview with Ms. Taylor-Brown, the school’s OPAL Leader. Play rangers are reliable and responsible, helping to support and lead play outside. They ensure resources are organised and used well and that other children are engaged in valuable, safe play.

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