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KS1 Football tournament

The first 2 games we lost, which were 2-1 and 1-0 but we had some great skills shown like Ronnie’s great shot, Ellena’s awesome defence and our goal keeper Lennon’s good save.

On the next game we drew with Hamstel 1-1 and more great skills like Ronnie’s good run and his good pass and Lennon’s good save and Leon’s cool score.

Next game we won 2-1 to Hinguar thanks to practise and more good skills that impressed Mr Telling like Leon’s tackle, Benji’s great corner pass, Ronnie’s good goal and Paige’s good defence.

In the last game we lost 3-0 to Barons Court but our players still shone out with Benji’s good save and Samuel’s high kick.

Overall the kS1 football team were brilliant and played very well and if that wasn’t fantastic I don’t know what is and even though they didn’t win they had a smile on their face – well done everyone!

Squad – Lennon B, Ronnie B, Samuel H, Leon B, Benji A, Ellena-Mae B, Amaya-Rae J and Paige S

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