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Southend Tri-Golf tournament

After winning the Southend Tri-Golf tournament in April, Friars were invited to take part in the Essex finals at Little Channels GC in Chelmsford. When the date was announced, it fell on an inset day so the four members of the team all agreed to give up their extra day off and compete in the finals.

We set off at 8am and picked up Greenways School on the way and all enjoyed a sing-song on the minibus. We arrived to find that 10 schools would be competing to become Essex champions and everyone was in good spirits. The competition itself comprised of 10 activities and points could be scored in each one during a 2 minute time period. All four team members – Kye, Louise and Hannah from Year 4 and Damian from Year 5 – performed brilliantly and scored consistently throughout. In the end Friars finished a very creditable 4th place and with the teams in 1st and 2nd being from Year 6, this was a great achievement.

Both Mr Reeve and Mr Telling were very pleased with the performance but especially proud of the way the children conducted themselves throughout the day and for giving up their day off to represent the school.

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