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Thriftwood - Day one

After an exciting wait the coach finally arrived and we were all loaded up with our luggage and set off by 10:45am. After an uneventful journey we finally were there! Luggage unloaded we all picked up our multiple bags and belongings for the short walk to base camp. What seemed like hours later (but was only really about 10 minutes) we arrived at the camp and tucked into our lunch.

Once lunch was over, Mrs Lincoln told us our tent groups and we all had fun setting up our homes for the next few days. Tents sorted it was time for our first activity, which we were all very excited about. Some groups took part in archery whist others discovered the Cresta Run, an exciting toboggan ride which we all took turns racing down the slope.

On return to camp we had time to relax, play football and investigate our surroundings a little more while Mrs Brady started dinner. After a delicious dinner of either hot dog and chips or pasta followed by an ice lolly, we had some more time to play before we were rounded up for showers.

On our return we settled in for hot chocolate before heading off to our tents (where the teachers actually thought we’d sleep!)

We are all looking forward to see what tomorrows adventures might bring.

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