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Year 5/6 Football

On Saturday 2nd December, year 5/6 football team went to Bournes Green to have a football tournament. The first three games we didn’t play but we watched. The first game was Hamstel vs College St Pierre. Then we watched Darlinghurst vs Chalkwell. The final game we watched was Leigh North Street vs St Mary' s. Then we finally played Temple Sutton and we unfortunately lost 2-0.Then we missed two games and then we played St Mary’s and it was 0-0. Then we missed two games and then we played our final game against Leigh North Street and it was 6-0. We had some incredible chances that just went wide of the posts. Billy Kerner took a shot from before the half way line and was just a fraction of going in. Loukas Wagstaff made some excellent saves and made some good opportunities to score. In the last half Billy Kerner got injured and ended up going in goal and conceded only one goal because a boy smashed it into the back of the net. Billy Kerner managed to save a shot that would have been a goal but managed to clear it aside.

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