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Year 3 Colchester Castle

During Year 3’s visit to Colchester Castle, they begin their learning about the Romans. To begin with, the pupils went down underground, into the foundations of the temple of Claudius. During this part of the day, the children learnt how the Romans invaded and looked in detail at their weapons and armour. The children re-enacted the roles of the Roman soldiers vs the Celts. They learnt that the Romans won because of their superior tactics and weaponry. As they moved through different tunnels, they heard the story of Boudicca and how she defeated the Romans at Colchester. When exploring the museum, there were opportunities for the children to try on and handle artefacts, whilst completing the Roman trail. Children had to make careful observations in order to answer questions about different aspects of the Roman period. To end the day, pupils built a Roman villa and learnt about the way Romans live.

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