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South East Essex Design Competition

We were absolutely thrilled to have taken part in and attended the SEEDC (South East Essex Design Competition) awards ceremony at The Deanes Academy on the

The SEEDC sees many local primary and secondary schools create showcases of their amazing art and design projects from their school.

As a result of Friars pupils impressive art and the explanations given by the girls and boys who represented us, Friars were awarded with a bronze for the Year 3 Roamin’ Roman Sandals, a silver award for the Year 5&6 Art Club’s ‘Frozen Planet and the Year 4 Stormin’ Norman Settlements won Friars a gold award!

Needless to say, we are very proud of the children from each year group who took part and produced this amazing work, and a huge thank you to the fantastic children that represented them at the competition itself.

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