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RNLI Lifeboat Station

On the 4th of June 2018 me and the rest of Year 6 (that didn’t go to the Isle of Wight) went to visit the RNLI Lifeboat Station. When we came into school we continued writing our letters to Sophie and Crystal for letting us have a meal at their Toby Carvery. After 20 minutes Mrs Dyer asked Mrs Monk and Mrs Lowry’s group if they needed to go to the toilet then they journeyed onto the mini-bus –which was driven by Mr Telling. After, Mr Telling’s group and Mrs Dyer’s group did the same when the mini-bus finally returned.

Once the mini-bus was parked we all checked in at the pier and started the 1.25 mile walk along it. On the way Mr Telling was telling Denim and me about the history of the pier. My lord it was the most boring 1.25 mile walk of my life! Only joking Mr Telling. Once we reached the end, the children ventured into the beach house to learn about the pier during WW2. After 5 minutes of waiting, the other half of the children reached the end with us.

When we reached the station we were introduced to Norman and Jerry. Mrs Monk and Mrs Lowry went with Jerry to look at the lifeboats that the RNLI used to rescue people in. The other 2 groups went with Norman to look at the uniform that they would wear.

2 minutes into the talk, Norman got Mr Telling to dress up in all the uniform and on the way he was telling us about the importance of the clothing. He had said the volunteers would have to get all the clothing on in less than 3 minutes. The whole time Mr Telling was worrying about the call going off whilst he was in the uniform.

After the talk the 2 groups swapped over. Norman set us in a position where we could all see inside of the boat. Before long, he asked us what we thought the lifeboat ran on. The first answer came from Hannah and she had said the correct answer which was petrol.

Jerry took us to the next boat which was twice the size of the other and told us how to turn the boat over by unleashing a parachute thingy. After, Jerry let 4 people at a time onto the boat. I was one of the first on the boat alongside: Denim, Junior and Floyd. Once I had come off, I was a little bored and Mrs Dyer noticed. Then she said something I thought I would never hear her say, “Ben you can floss whilst you wait!” My dreams had come true.

Once the tour had finished, we thanked the 2 men and were on our way. Instead of walking back we got the train. Mr Telling, Callum, Junior, Carlo and I went on a carriage by ourselves and Mr Telling started to annoy Mrs Brown and Mrs Monk by pretending to eat Carlo’s brioche rolls then he teased the people on his carriage by eating a massive jammy dodger.

When we left the pier we walked to the fish and chips shop to get our lunch. On the way Mrs Dyer said we might be able to get an ice-cream but we never did.

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