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Adventure Island

On the 8th of June (my birthday) we went to Adventure Island. The first half was the least exciting part of the park, the rides aren’t as fun (or atleast my brother wasn’t there to give me food.) The time machine was fun, as were the waterslides, but the rest was just ‘alright’.

After the water slides we had lunch at the ‘Old Chippy’. I had sausage and chips with ketchup, I don’t like salt and vinegar, which was delicious!

Next, we walked to the entrance of the second half of Adventure Island. The rides I went on (in chronological order) were: Sk8boarder; Ramba Zamba; mini mega and then Pharaoh’s Fury. While the other kids went on go on as many rides as they could before we left, I sat with the teachers. My brother works on the Go kart (which was where we were sitting) and came out for his lunch break.

I asked and sat next to him while he ate, and (after asking) took a few chips, a bit of burger and had a sip of his drink. When everyone came back I said bye and went with my group to wait, while the other group went back, for the mini-bus.

When we arrived back at school most people had gone so we went straight home. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun birthday!

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