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Isle of Wight - Robin Hill

On 7th of June 2018 I went to Robin Hill Isle Of Wight. When we arrived many other schools were there. First we went to the The Colossus [ a huge ride boat which swung back and forth really high ]which most of us loved . The others either had motion sickness or were scared.

After that we started a long walk to a towering bridge. I ran across it . At the end there was a ramp that slowly descended to the ground . From there on we walked until we got to the park . It was massive . There was a substantially large football pitch with a school playing on it . Lucy , Alisha , Michael , Mrs Ezdale and Mrs Kipling set up a gazebo so we could have lunch . After 10 mins of eating I got up and went on the Tobbogan myself . At the beginning it was slow but then it got faster.

Later , I entered the Café where I got the tastiest good looking bubble-gum ice-cream. After I finished my ice- cream I played football . Xsander asked me “ are you good at football ?” I shrugged my shoulders and went in goal . The first save was to the chest and then to the face . I sat on the floor – passed to the next round because of my saves and injury.

We went to the gift shop and got souvenirs for my family . When we got back to St Michael’s Hotel and everyone had dinner, a shower and we had the disco . Let It Go played [ best song there ] and the girls sat on the floor in despair , the boys rose in power . By the end most were tired . We got Ito our pyjamas and went to bed .

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