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Year 3 Celts and Roman trip

Wow! What a day exploring the lives of the Celts and Romans. All the children enjoyed a fun packed day which included time in the museum, exploring artefacts and completing activities, recreating a Celtic round house and Roman villa and an underground story tour of the roman invasion and the story of Boudicca.

During the interactive story tour, the children learnt that the Romans won because of their superior tactics and weaponry. As they moved through different tunnels, they heard the story of Boudicca and how she defeated the Romans at Colchester before she was defeated at a later date.

When exploring the museum, there were opportunities for the children to try on and handle artefacts, whilst completing the Roman trail. Children had to make careful observations in order to answer questions about different aspects of the Celtic and Roman periods.

The children behaved exceptionally well and were perfect representatives of Friars.

We hope this has inspired the children and we look forward to developing their learning back in the classroom.

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