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Year 3 assembly

The children in year 3 worked so incredibly hard with their assembly! We started back in the Stone Age where the children sang 'We will rock you' caveman style! The programme 'This is your life' guided the audience through Queen Boudicca's achievements and a speech was read. Children showed some pictures of their art work centred around roman buildings. We then moved to 'Rome's got talent' where Antus and Decus introduced a range of acts onto stage sharing mosaics that had been made, an Iceni tribe chant and a gladiator fight scene. Lastly 'Take me Out' guided us through the different leaders of the time. Year 3 demonstrated some outstanding performance skills through their singing with 'We will hunt you' and 'We'll be free' to a song in the Greatest Showman.

Well done our talented Year 3!

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