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Year 6 Careers afternoon

On Thursday 23rd May, Year 6 had an exciting Careers Afternoon. They welcomed 5 volunteers, all with very different careers, into the school. We also had two unexpected volunteers step in to save the day when another had to unfortunately cancel. The afternoon started with a What’s My Line style assembly. The children were introduced to the volunteers who were assigned a number. The students were then allowed to ask yes/no questions only so that they could try to work out the volunteer’s career. The aim of this was to challenge stereotypes. We had some near guesses whereby the children guessed that some of our volunteers help people for a living. After this, the volunteers introduced themselves and shared an item that represented their job. Once we had heard a brief explanation of each, the children visited the volunteers in small groups. This allowed the year group time with each to learn more about the person’s chosen career and the path they took to get there. The children learnt that some but not all careers are achieved by going to university and that some you can continue to learn in whilst employed. The children were particularly interested to hear about a career at Adventure Island and all of the different roles this offers from the main theme park to Adventure Golf and the Sea Life Centre. All of the children asked some really great and thought provoking questions that had them thinking about possible career choices when they are older. David Dupree was inspired by one of volunteers and said that he would also like to be a nurse and help people. Hannah Osborne also expressed how much she enjoyed the afternoon and the fact that it gave her more of an idea of what she might need to do in the future. We would like to say a very big thank you to David Warren, Ian Chiverton, Laurence Chester, Melissa Aylott, Anna Baker and the photographers from Braiswick.

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