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NSPCC Assembly & workshops

Following on from our informative KS2 NSPCC assembly on Thursday 4th July, Year 6 took part in an important NSPCC workshop on Monday 8th July. To begin, the children recapped their learning from the assembly by being reintroduced to Buddy the speech bubble. They were reminded that Childline is always open 365 days of the year and ready to listen to any problem, big or small. In addition, the children learnt that phone calls made to Childline are kept confidential unless the counsellors feel they are in danger or if the caller asks for them to make further contact with the appropriate agencies. The students recalled that phone calls to 0800 1111 are free from any phone and that there is also a website ( where they can talk to someone online. As a class, the children discussed various scenarios and whether they would make them feel happy and safe or sad and uncomfortable. Once debated, the children thought about which trusted adults they could talk to if they found themselves in a situation that made them feel upset and uneasy. Year 6 understand that every child has the right to speak out and stay safe.

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