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Year 2 Visit Colchester Zoo

We had a very exciting trip to Colchester Zoo this month. The children all enjoyed the coach trip with lots of singing and travelling games. While we were there we were able to touch a giant African snail, feed giraffes and elephants and commandeer the land train for our own exclusive visit to the lemur enclosure. While we were in there the children were so quiet that the lemurs were brave enough to jump on them. Mrs Snow, Mr Roche, Mr Smith, Mrs Poulton and Mrs James were all lucky enough to experience a lemur on their shoulder. The zoo keeper said he had never seen the lemurs be so friendly, especially with a large group. We enjoyed our picnic lunch near the otter enclosure and also saw lions, penguins, sea lions, stick insects, a poison dart frog and a tarantula. All in all it was a very successful visit.

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