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Spooks and Sparks

Today, Monday 21st October, Stuart Huxter from Essex Fire Service took the assembly this morning. He explained to the children about some ‘rules’ that could be followed in order to keep themselves safe during Halloween and on bonfire night.

Rules for Halloween included:

  • Never go out without a supervising adult.

  • Only go to houses that have Halloween decorations up at them.

  • Don’t knock on houses that have a poster in the window asking you not too.

  • Stay in well lit areas.

  • Make sure you can be seen as Halloween costumes are often quite dark.

  • Don’t go near candles as long flowing costumes are a fire hazard.

  • Don’t enter any houses.

  • Be extremely careful when crossing the road.

Rules of bonfire night included:

  • Always try to go to an organised event.

  • Stand well back.

  • If you have a sparkler, don’t wear loose clothing but do wear gloves. Put used sparklers in a bucket of water or sand. Don’t pick up sparklers that have been dropped on the ground – they could still be extremely hot.

  • Keep pets indoors.

  • Never go back to a firework that has gone out.

  • Check bonfires to make sure that there are no animals living inside.

Stuart showed the children lots of short videos emphasising the importance of all these things. He also explained that all this information is available on the internet, things like ‘The firework code.’

Hopefully, everyone will have an enjoyable but safe time.

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