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Celebration Assemblies 1st December 2023

KS1 Awards

This week our KS1 certificates were awarded to our Year 1 and Year 2 children for:

  • Trying one’s best and always smiling

  • Improved confidence in phonics

  • Always trying hard in phonics

  • Awesome independent writing including an exclamation mark

  • Super independent writing

  • Writing a super description

  • Having an amazingly good attitude to learning

  • Super maths work using lots of different skills to solve problems

  • Really hard work in writing and making good progress

Buddy Awards went to… Ivy, Beth, Jessica, Dylan, Kenza… and Mrs. James!

KS2 Awards

This week our KS2 certificates were awarded to our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children for:

  • Working hard to achieve good results

  • Excellent participation in lessons

  • Focus during lessons

  • Continuous preparation for learning

  • Being enthusiastic and excited for learning

  • Great performance poetry with expression and clear diction

  • Having consideration for others

  • Work that shows thoughtfulness

  • Overcoming shyness to speak out in class

  • Work at home inspired from school

  • A good application of skills

  • An excellent attitude to tests

  • Being a fantastic friend and classmate

Computer Award

This week’s Computing Award went to 4D for great work and concentration.


This week’s attendance winners were 2G and 5A. 2G won comfortably in Key Stage 1 but there was only 0.7% separating 5A from 5BW in Key Stage 2... Better luck next week 5BW.

Team Points

For the first time in 2023-24 we have a team surpassing the 400-point mark... and it will be no surprise that the team is Caernarfon. Our yellow team has been leading from the off and it was certainly a good week for them as they are now over 50 points ahead of both Windsor and Sterling. Stormont are only 8 points further behind. Come on Windsor, Sterling and Stormont - you can do it!


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