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Celebration Assembly – 10th June 2022

After what we hope was a great half term break, the KS1 children returned this week in fabulous style to wow their teachers with their hard work and effort.

Well done to all of our KS1 winners shown below.

It was a similar story in KS2 as we heard how impressed the teachers had been with children’s work across the whole curriculum and a wide range of subjects.

It was especially lovely to hear about the awards given to those children that are making great improvements, not only in their work but also their confidence, independence and resilience. Skills that will leave them in good stead for the future.

It is getting harder and harder each week for our teachers to choose just two children from their class, testimony to the great efforts being put in by all of our pupils.

Mrs Pinckney also awarded two computing superstar awards to Mason and Oscar for their brilliant help and excellent learning during their class computing lessons.

Pen Licences

We awarded three pen licences this week to the children demonstrating consistently well presented, correctly formed and correctly sized joined handwriting across all of his work. Congratulations go to Tilly (Year 3) and Taylor and Layla (Year 4).

It was also great to hear about another celebration that took place outside of school this week.

A big well done to Vincent in Year 2 for receiving the ‘athlete of the week’ award at his local athletics club this week. Super job Vincent, we look forward to seeing you in the Olympics representing Team GB in the future!


Class 2S were awarded the KS1 Attendance Cup this week with 97.8% attendance, while in KS2, it was Class 4S that won the cup with a very impressive, best in school figure of 99.1%.

Our whole school attendance bounced back to 93.6% this week!

Team Points

Windsor made sure that red was most certainly the colour this week, as they won in both KS1 and KS2. They shared the trophy in KS2 with Stirling, our blue team.

This has made things incredibly exciting in our overall standings and the race for The Friars Cup has got even closer with just 6 weeks to go!

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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